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The Command Center is a Facility with the main purpose of providing power to stations and factories which require it, as well as allowing free teleportation between sister stations that contain one as well. It must be placed on top of player-crafted structure tiles. The range of how far power can transmit is limited, but can be extended with a Relay.

Command Centers have a limited supply of outputs to power machinery with. This limit is increased with higher grade command centers.

Gameplay Tip[edit | edit source]

Players shouldn't rely on command centers to power their equipment. At Base Construction level 4 onward, players are able to craft different kinds of generators, allowing them to power more equipment.

Placement[edit | edit source]

Item has to be placed in a playerbase. This base has to consist at least of crafted Structure Tiles, plus a background-floor and background-wall of crafted Structure Tiles.

List of Command Centers[edit | edit source]

General Command Centers[edit | edit source]

Command Node

Command Center 1

Command Center 2

Command Center 3

History[edit | edit source]