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The following are the controls of Edge of Space:

A & D: For movement (Horizontal)
W: Move Up when using JetPack
S: Move Down when standing on platform
MOUSE: Aim + Window interaction
Left Mouse Button: Select / Fire
Right Mouse Button: Activate
Mouse Scroll: Quick Change between action slots
Space: Jump (press), Jetpack (hold)
Tab ↹: Reload (with gun equipped), Toggles Pick (& tiles placement) mode *ForeGround/BackGround*
C: Open Character/Equipment Screen
V: Open Crafting Window
K: Open Knowledge Window
I & L: Opens Character/Statistic/Enhancements/Codex screens (whichever the player was last using)
Z & P: Toggles PIOS View Mode (Power Input Output System)
Q & E & R & T: Activate Kits and Pets
↵ Enter: Toggle/Send Chat Message
X: To remove object, Use mouse to hover over object, Press x once for to select then press X again
NOTE: Some keys can now be rebound!