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A Cryopod is the metal glowing capsule you come from at the beginning of the game. This is, in a sense, your home or spawn point. As of the Bandaid for your Boo boos 0.2.25e patch, it appears with two auxiliary turrets that appear to be fully powered, and attack any approaching enemies.

To access the Cryopod, right click on the Cryopod while standing near it. Since Cryorods were changed to automatically generate over time with powered Cryopods the only interaction with a Cryopod is to "Bind" yourself to it. You are default bound to your "master cryopod" (The Cryopod you start the world next to), but as the game advances you will be able to research more advanced Cryopods that will allow you to bind to them. Doing so, will allow you to spawn on that point next time you start the game or die.

To "un-bind" yourself from a cryopod, you must either bind yourself to another one, or remove it from the ground by pressing "X" while pointing at it.

Master Cryopod[edit | edit source]

The Master Cryopod is your default spawn point. It is unable to be moved, and if a player dies without binding to a crafted cryopod that is powered, the player will return to the Master pod. The Master Cryopod does not have a PIOS connection, and therefore will not generate Cryorods.

How to Use[edit | edit source]

Crafted Cryopods must be powered via the PIOS system in order to function. They can be crafted and placed anywhere, but must be powered. Higher tiers of cryopod require more power to be input. Once placed and powered, crafted crypods will generate cryorods and allow you to respawn at locations other than the Master pod.

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List of Craftable Cryopods[edit | edit source]

General Cryopods[edit | edit source]

Standard Cryopod

Emergency Cryopod

Enhancement Cryopod

Seasonal Cryopods[edit | edit source]

Christmas Cryopod