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Step 1. Do not get this game.

Step 2. Ignore the rest of this page.

Step 3. Hate on the dev who abandoned this community and left us with an unfinished game but felt no hesitation about taking our money.

Launching the Game[edit | edit source]

Launch screen.png

Starting a new game is quick and easy. To begin, launch the game from your Steam library. This will bring up the launcher shown above. The launcher provides easy links to many resources, allows you an easy option for booting up a multiplayer server and allows you to launch the game. To launch the game click the launch button.

Title screen.png

From the game’s title screen you will click either "Single-Player" to play by yourself, or "Connect" to play with other people. For this tutorial will be selecting Single Player.

Character select.png

If you have characters already created, you will see them listed. If not, you will select “Create Avatar”

Character creation.png

You will now be able to customize your appearance, and get ready to venture into space. Once you feel suitably fashionable, click "Create Avatar". This brings you back to the character select screen. You may click any character you have and then click "Select Avatar".

Once you have chosen a character, it brings you to the world selection screen. This screen will list any available worlds you have. If you are starting for the first time, you will choose create world, and enter a name. Then simply select your newly created world.

Default Controls[edit | edit source]

The controls for Edge of Space given here are the default configuration. If you wish to rebind your keys, simply press escape, and click on “key bindings.” This will bring up the key binding menu and you can customize the controls to your liking.

Configurable Controls[edit | edit source]

Movement: WASD
Jump/Jetpack: Space/Space again
Drop from Platform: S
Remove Placeable Object: X (again to confirm)
Open Crafting Window: V
Open Task Log: J
Reload/Change Tool Mode: Tab
Open Inventory: I
Open Character Panel: C (same window as Inventory)
Open Knowledges (research): K
Open Upgrades: L
Open Escape Menu: Escape
PIOS (Power Input Output System): Z or P
Command Center Mode (no longer used?): B
Close All Windows: RightAlt
Toolbar Shift Left (cycle toolbar selection to the right): =
Toolbar Shift Right (cycle toolbar selection to the left): -
Select Toolbar 1: 1
Select Toolbar 2: 2
Select Toolbar 3: 3
Select Toolbar 4: 4
Select Toolbar 5: 5
Select Toolbar 6: 6
Select Toolbar 7: 7
Select Toolbar 8: 8
Use Kit 1: Q
Use Kit 2: E
Use Kit 3: R
Use Kit 4: T
Action Pet: H
Open Codex: U
Trigger Occupying (no longer used - replaced by Right-Click): F
Zoom Out: [
Zoom In: ]
Hide UI: F11

Non-configurable Controls[edit | edit source]

Use Selected Toolbar Item/Fire Weapon: Left-Click
Interact: Right-click

The Tutorial[edit | edit source]

The Tutorial did not make it to the game's release. You can still view the tutorial recap by going into the Codex (default key: U) and selecting Tutorial Video Recap under the Introduction category. There are 14 videos in-game that will summarize the Tutorial (RIP)

Congratulations! You’re in space! You will find yourself in the interior of a small ship, with a portal to your left. This is the game’s interactive tutorial. We highly recommend first time players go through the tutorial, as well as anyone starting a new character or world. This will show you the basic mechanics of the game, as well as get you started with a weapon and some torches. If you are already a long time player, or don’t want the help, you are free to exit the tutorial by mousing over the portal to your left, and leaving the tutorial area.

Tutorial 1.png

Survival in Space[edit | edit source]

S.A.D. Events (Character Death)[edit | edit source]

When your Health is reduced below 0 you will encounter a S.A.D. Event (Systematic Adaptive Disruption Event) also known as character death.

Should this occur while playing solo your only option is to respawn. In Multiplayer it is possible for another Arkonaut who is properly skilled and equipped to come to your rescue.

Re-spawning and Cryorods[edit | edit source]

How to Avoid Item Loss[edit | edit source]

All re-spawn penalties in Edge of Space are completely avoidable. There are just two simple rules to remember.

  1. There are no penalties for death. (anymore)
  2. Prevent your death by supplying power to a crafted Cryopod. After 120 seconds, the Cryopod will produce a Cryorod which will prevent your death, should you run out of health. In the event that you run out of Cryorods, you will be given the option to Self Destruct or wait for an ally to aid you. Selecting Self Destruct will then give you the option of respawning at your Master Cryopod or a bound crafted and powered Cryopod (remember to "Bind" to a cryopod after placing it).

Cryorods[edit | edit source]

Cryorods are automatically generated by a powered and bound Cryopod every 120 seconds (200 seconds for the Christmas Cryopod). The maximum number of Cryorods that a Cryopod will hold depends on the Cryopod.

The Master Cryopod[edit | edit source]

Once you load into the world, you will spawn at your Master Cryopod.

The Master Cryopod will be your first re-spawn point and provides a little safety for getting started. In addition, should you not be bound to any Cryopod, you will also re-spawn here.

Moving Forward[edit | edit source]

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Worlds will be generated in layers, with environments changing as you go deeper down.

One important thing to note is that lateral exploration will be a very important aspect of the game, so don’t focus entirely on getting down lower, you may get into danger too early. Many aspects of progression, such as upgrades for your gear will be found by exploring your entire environment.

Technology & Research[edit | edit source]

Performing various tasks, such as killing creatures or mining, will award you ScienceEXP, which you can spend in the Knowledges window (Default: K). The ScienceEXP has a default cap of 5000, which can by increased by accumulating upgrades. You do not need to fill your ScienceEXP to spend it, nor do you need to accumulate as much or more than is necessary to unlock a tier of research. You can spend your ScienceEXP whenever you want towards varying technology ladders. By increasing these you gain access to additional crafting recipes.

Also scattered throughout the world are Upgrade consoles that permanently increase stats.

What to do Next?[edit | edit source]

The things described in this tutorial are not all that Edge of Space has to offer, armed with this information explore and Terraform the world to you bidding. Build a base to have a place to call home Use the advanced Power Input Output System to automate your base and defend yourself against the unforgiving world. Explore other systems through world holes. Defeat the powerful Bosses to further increase your power.