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The Knowledge system in Edge of Space allows the player to increase their characters knowledge in various fields of technology. A player earns experience by mining, fighting, completing objectives, and more. Players may then spend Science Experience Points, or Science XP, by accessing the knowledge screen (Default key K). Each field of technology has it's own ranking system, at various ranks of research the player unlocks the ability to craft additional items associated with that field. The experience required to attain a higher rank in a single field of research increases, the higher the characters rank in that field of research.

Researching[edit | edit source]

A character gains experience by various tasks performed in the normal course of gameplay. As your science experience accumulates, it is indicated on an experience bar in the HUD on the upper right hand side of the screen. When you have acquired some experience points, you can spend those via the knowledge screen by pressing default key K. You will see tabs for various fields of technology, and each can be advanced through 15 ranks of knowledge.

Data discs[edit | edit source]

Data Discs are a means of assisting a player through crafting knowledge consumables. These items can be passed to any other player, who can then rank up their knowledge in the relevant area. Previously, data discs were required for progression, but with the knowledge system in place, they were left as an extra perk for those playing on multiplayer servers. These items are crafted and then consumed, and grant varying amounts of science experience in their field. To use a data disc:

  • Craft a disc in the desired field of knowledge.
  • Place the item on your toolbar, by selecting the slot and right clicking on the disc in your inventory
  • Close your inventory, and then left click with the consumable item highlighted.

Stronger versions of data can be crafted at higher ranks in a field of research. These give more experience per materials used. All ranks require 5 Raw materials per Data. The rate of experience to Data experience is 25 to 1 respectively.

  • Rank 1 provides 15 Data experience for 375 experience
  • Rank 2 provides 25 Data experience for 625 experience
  • Rank 3 provides 30 Data experience for 720 experience (24:1 rate)

Knowledge Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Phase Weapon[edit | edit source]

Phase Weapons 1 951XP
Phase Weapons 2 2309XP
Phase Weapons 3 4572XP
Phase Weapons 4 7739XP
Phase Weapons 5 11812XP
Phase Weapons 6 16289XP
Phase Weapons 7 22171XP
Phase Weapons 8 28959XP
Phase Weapons 9 36651XP
Phase Weapons 10 45248XP
Phase Weapons 11 54751XP
Phase Weapons 12 65158XP
Phase Weapons 13 76470XP
Phase Weapons 14 88687XP
Phase Weapons 15 101809XP

Projectile Weapon[edit | edit source]

Projectile Weapons 1 951XP
Projectile Weapons 2 2309XP
Projectile Weapons 3 4572XP
Projectile Weapons 4 7739XP
Projectile Weapons 5 11812XP
Projectile Weapons 6 16289XP
Projectile Weapons 7 22171XP
Projectile Weapons 8 28959XP
Projectile Weapons 9 36651XP
Projectile Weapons 10 45248XP
Projectile Weapons 11 54751XP
Projectile Weapons 12 65158XP
Projectile Weapons 13 76470XP
Projectile Weapons 14 88687XP
Projectile Weapons 15 101809XP

Energy Weapons[edit | edit source]

Energy Weapons 1 951XP
Energy Weapons 2 2309XP
Energy Weapons 3 4572XP
Energy Weapons 4 7739XP
Energy Weapons 5 11812XP
Energy Weapons 6 16289XP
Energy Weapons 7 22171XP
Energy Weapons 8 28959XP
Energy Weapons 9 36651XP
Energy Weapons 10 45248XP
Energy Weapons 11 54751XP
Energy Weapons 12 65158XP
Energy Weapons 13 76470XP
Energy Weapons 14 88687XP
Energy Weapons 15 101809XP

Utilities[edit | edit source]

Utilities 1 951XP
Utilities 2 2309XP
Utilities 3 4572XP
Utilities 4 7739XP
Utilities 5 11812XP
Utilities 6 16289XP
Utilities 7 22171XP
Utilities 8 28959XP
Utilities 9 36651XP
Utilities 10 45248XP
Utilities 11 54751XP
Utilities 12 65158XP
Utilities 13 76470XP
Utilities 14 88687XP
Utilities 15 101809XP

Builder Armor[edit | edit source]

Builder Armor 1 951XP
Builder Armor 2 2309XP
Builder Armor 3 4572XP
Builder Armor 4 7739XP
Builder Armor 5 11812XP
Builder Armor 6 16289XP
Builder Armor 7 22171XP
Builder Armor 8 28959XP
Builder Armor 9 36651XP
Builder Armor 10 45248XP
Builder Armor 11 54751XP
Builder Armor 12 65158XP
Builder Armor 13 76470XP
Builder Armor 14 88687XP
Builder Armor 15 101809XP

Explorer Armor[edit | edit source]

Explorer Armor 1 951XP
Explorer Armor 2 2309XP
Explorer Armor 3 2263XP
Explorer Armor 4 3167XP
Explorer Armor 5 11812XP
Explorer Armor 6 16289XP
Explorer Armor 7 22171XP
Explorer Armor 8 28959XP
Explorer Armor 9 36651XP
Explorer Armor 10 45248XP
Explorer Armor 11 54751XP
Explorer Armor 12 65158XP
Explorer Armor 13 76470XP
Explorer Armor 14 88687XP
Explorer Armor 15 101809XP

Fighter Armor[edit | edit source]

Fighter Armor 1 951XP
Fighter Armor 2 2309XP
Fighter Armor 3 4572XP
Fighter Armor 4 7739XP
Fighter Armor 5 11812XP
Fighter Armor 6 16289XP
Fighter Armor 7 22171XP
Fighter Armor 8 28959XP
Fighter Armor 9 36651XP
Fighter Armor 10 45248XP
Fighter Armor 11 54751XP
Fighter Armor 12 65158XP
Fighter Armor 13 76470XP
Fighter Armor 14 88687XP
Fighter Armor 15 101809XP

Base Construction[edit | edit source]

Base Construction 1 951XP
Base Construction 2 2309XP
Base Construction 3 4572XP
Base Construction 4 7739XP
Base Construction 5 11812XP
Base Construction 6 16289XP
Base Construction 7 22171XP
Base Construction 8 28959XP
Base Construction 9 36651XP
Base Construction 10 45248XP
Base Construction 11 54751XP
Base Construction 12 65158XP
Base Construction 13 76470XP
Base Construction 14 88687XP
Base Construction 15 101809XP

Companion[edit | edit source]

Companions 1 951XP
Companions 2 2309XP
Companions 3 4572XP
Companions 4 7739XP
Companions 5 11812XP
Companions 6 16289XP
Companions 7 22171XP
Companions 8 28959XP
Companions 9 36651XP
Companions 10 45248XP
Companions 11 54751XP
Companions 12 65158XP
Companions 13 76470XP
Companions 14 88687XP
Companions 15 101809XP

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Transportation 1 951XP
Transportation 2 2309XP
Transportation 3 4572XP
Transportation 4 7739XP
Transportation 5 11812XP
Transportation 6 16289XP
Transportation 7 22171XP
Transportation 8 28959XP
Transportation 9 36651XP
Transportation 10 45248XP
Transportation 11 54751XP
Transportation 12 65158XP
Transportation 13 76470XP
Transportation 14 88687XP
Transportation 15 101809XP

Research[edit | edit source]

Research 1 951XP
Research 2 2309XP
Research 3 4572XP
Research 4 7739XP
Research 5 11812XP
Research 6 16289XP
Research 7 22171XP
Research 8 28959XP
Research 9 36651XP
Research 10 45248XP
Research 11 54751XP
Research 12 65158XP
Research 13 76470XP
Research 14 88687XP
Research 15 101809XP

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumables 1 951XP
Consumables 2 2309XP
Consumables 3 4572XP
Consumables 4 7739XP
Consumables 5 11812XP
Consumables 6 16289XP
Consumables 7 22171XP
Consumables 8 28959XP
Consumables 9 36651XP
Consumables 10 45248XP
Consumables 11 54751XP
Consumables 12 65158XP
Consumables 13 76470XP
Consumables 14 88687XP
Consumables 15 101809XP

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee Weapons 1 951XP
Melee Weapons 2 2309XP
Melee Weapons 3 4072XP
Melee Weapons 4 7739XP
Melee Weapons 5 11812XP
Melee Weapons 6 8144XP
Melee Weapons 7 11085XP
Melee Weapons 8 14479XP
Melee Weapons 9 18325XP
Melee Weapons 10 22624XP
Melee Weapons 11 27325XP
Melee Weapons 12 32578XP
Melee Weapons 13 38235XP
Melee Weapons 14 44343XP
Melee Weapons 15 50904XP