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To survive encounters with the dangerous creatures in Edge Of Space, it helps to have good armor but helps more to have kick-ass weaponry. through the various crafting materials and the different weapon schematics you can find, there are many of different weapons Arkonauts can wield.

Procedurally Generated Weapons[edit | edit source]

When crafted, weapons will receive procedurally generated statistics for damage, accuracy, clip size, and critical rate. The only two statistics that are not procedurally generated are fire rate and reload time. However; all weapon statistics can be effected by bonuses attributes, also many character statistics.

Bonus Attributes[edit | edit source]

Name Effect
Alternate Life-Support Increases Exposure Rank
Boosted Clip When used Boosts Clip
Enhanced Calibrated Increases Accuracy
Micro Thrusters Increases Dodge
Tactical Readout Increases Critical Chance

Phase Weapons[edit | edit source]

Phase Weapons are the first weapon type a character will encounter, the first of which is crafted as part of the tutorial and given to the player if the tutorial is skipped.

The characteristic of a phase weapon is that it generates it's own ammo and requires no crafted ammo to be used.

For a list of Phase Weapons please see the Phase weapons page.

Projectile Weapons[edit | edit source]

Projectile weapons are the second weapon type a character will encounter, Access to research of this weapon type are unlocked after the character as attained rank 4 in phase weapon research

unlike phase weapons they require crafted ammo to be used and will deplete a characters stock of selected ammo depending on weapon type.

For a list of projectile weapons see the Projectile weapons page.

For a list of ammo see the Ammunition page.